10 Easy-to-start-from-scratch business ideas and ways to promote them (2of10)CHILD CARE!

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Any one of these easy to begin businesses can be started without any investment

and be built up into a very profitable full-time business with the right motivation, hard work, promotion and management. It is super easy to Google more details for each of these ideas but not quite so easy to find great, unique ways to advertise and promote them.  The first impression you make is critically important, so make sure your business cards, promotional flyers, even clothes, say,

“I’m trustworthy, professional and likable”

It may be what makes or breaks your business. I’ve compiled some unique, customizable and really gorgeous designs below. Click on pics to see details and more options with each design.

2.Babysitting / Child Care / Daycare

Babysitting promotional tear sheet flyer zazzle_flyerLittleGirlie Child care custom tear-sheet flyer zazzle_flyer
Little Girlie Babysitter Child Care Custom card PNK zazzle_profilecardDaycare or Babysitting custom business card zazzle_profilecardBabysitting Business Card zazzle_profilecardBabysitting & child care business card zazzle_profilecardLittle Baby and his/her Little Pets-Childcare card zazzle_profilecardPeek-A-Boo Chubby Business Cards zazzle_profilecard

Baby Sitter Sitting Birds Business Card Template zazzle_profilecard

Another easy to start business idea (and GREAT promotional items to get customers) coming soon.