Before & After deli menu board makeover!

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Pretty spectacular change, no?

This is work for a popular deli in the Hamptons that we are currently working on and is an example of how we work with your photos.  The customer emailed a pic of his current business and then we used the magic of photoshop to super-impose our design concept for his approval. (and he APPROVED!)  Thus he can see exactly how his new menus will look and fine tune any changes needed.

The custom menus he is purchasing are pre-printed with layered artwork & title (for added dimension and changeability)  Prices can be changed at any time by simply ordering additional numbers which are virtually imperceptible and can be applied as easily as any sticker.

Our menu boards are THOROUGHLY custom!  We change the ‘vibe’ as needed…sometimes fun & funky; sometimes classic & refined. And yet, somehow people always say, “That MUST be the work of Character&Company!”  When you work with us, you are working one-on-one with the actual artist and builder to achieve a look that is unique to your business.

new pre-printed custom deli menu board

old ugly menu board

Custom deli menu boards by Character & Company