Menu boards that sell for you

Character and Company custom pre-printed menu boards with dimensional artwork

Example of our pre-printed menu boards / 3ft x 5ft /


Your menu boards are probably the most important investment you can make second to a good chef.

Your menu boards should be enticing, easy to understand and changeable. Our custom designed menu boards are all that and more.

A perfect blend of artsy & uniquepractical & functional. They are certainly far more polished and professional than chalkboards or cheap dry erase boards; and they have much more personality than the digital menu boards that are becoming the (boring) norm.

We have been designing and making menu boards for 20 years and in that time have been witness to the incredible sales impact that they bring to a business.  We are happy to offer a long list of references should you be interested in speaking with our past customers and hearing their testimonials.

Send us your menu, measurements, some photos of your location and let us create the most perfect set of pre-printed menus you can imagine. We work with you all the way and you will receive pictures for approval before we finalize. You’ll receive your boards nearly ready to hang. The titles and artwork are separate layers for added dimension and you apply them either Velcro or small nails.

A non-refundable deposit is required to begin the design process and then the final balance will be due upon completion/delivery. Plan for the process to take between 4-6 weeks + or – from first deposit to delivery.………………………………………………

Our menu board package includes:

  • Custom designing to coordinate with and enhance  your business
  • Production of menus
  • Layered artwork
  • Custom painting of menu items if needed (additional charge)
  • Layered titles
  • Extra numbers for price changes

Optional hardware to hang from ceiling is an additional $25 per board. We recommend that menu boards that are to be used outdoors in direct sunlight, be made on a thicker substrate than we normally use to prevent warping in direct sun. There is an additional up-charge for boards on a thicker substrate.

Custom sizing is available.

Price changes are easily done. We supply additional numbers with your menus to change prices as needed. (apply like stickers) If menu items need to be changed, just call us and we’ll have them made up for you.

Need frequent changes? We have several ways of handling menus that require the ability for quick adjustments. See HERE


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These are just a few examples. Many more to see if you click on the link at the end.

MB_Bagel Wagon_16-8-11_Boar's Head Sandwiches


MB_European Republic_16-7-18_hot foods


MB_Uncle Louie_flavor board


MB_Sweet Scoops_15-7-27


MB_Bagel Mentch_15-6-10_coffee_bagels




MB_Aroma Cafe_16-8-11_Ice Cream_Sweets


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