Eye-catching Wall Art and Custom Wallpaper Murals that make your business unique

Large Wall Graphics

Custom painted and custom sized according to your need. As you go through our site, just imagine how our designs would look hanging on your walls or from your ceiling. We paint, then have our work printed onto lush, glossy vinyl and then mount the artwork onto a solid substrate that is light and sturdy.


  • No artist to disrupt business for days with paints, fumes, ladders etc
  • Artwork goes up in minutes!
  • A sense of 3-D dimension
  • Ease of movability
  • The ability to change at whim
  • The ability to sell at some later date if desired.

 NEW! Custom Painted Wallpaper

The sky really is the limit!  It’s so exciting to think that now we can create wallpaper that will truly give your business a one-of-a-kind look. Your choice of wallpaper murals or traditional repeat patterns. Just imagine having a full wall mural up in a few hours rather than having an artist on a ladder disrupting business for weeks! We can even combine wall paper WITH our dimensional large wall pieces for a thoroughly outrageous effect.

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