Don’t die before you try their candy coated pretzels!

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We didn’t get the greatest of pictures here (5pm…Philadelphia traffic…not wanting to visit the intensive care unit…you get my drift)

Scoop DeVille called us to do “SOMEthing” in their windows.  They provided me with actual chocolates that I could paint them realistically…those suckers didn’t stand a chance!  Within seconds I snapped some photos and dove in before anyone had a chance to stop me.  I highly HIGHLY recommend them.  Their gourmet candy covered pretzels are just incredible.

Oddly enough, they didn’t ship any ice cream for me to taste so I’m just going to assume that it too, is to die for.

Well, not literally.

By the way,  the owners have RAVED about the response  customers have had to their new look.  People have told them that they’ve gone passed for years and never really noticed that there was an ice cream & candy shop there.  And business is UP.

"Window graphics for Scoop DeVille, Philadelphia"


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