Don’t smile, I dare you to try!

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Couldn’t do it, could you?

Only true grouches and reptiles succeed, so no worries.

Our newest sidewalk sign for bakeries.  Gorgeously painted, zany as heck, sure to attract attention, easy to write daily specials with our vibrant paint markers PLUS we’ll customize it with your logo!

Send this to someone you know with a bakery – especially if they need more customers because this will surely help!  We can also paint him with sandwiches for a deli; Italian food for a pizzeria, puppies for….no… that wouldn’t be appropriate.

Our sidewalk characters are reproduced in the highest possible print quality with a lush finish and rich colors. Mounted onto a sturdy but lightweight substrate (not cardboard!!) Perfectly suited for outdoor use. Call us with any questions and see more on our website and here under ‘Character sidewalk signs’.

zany baker chef sidewalk sign by Character&Co.

character sidewalk signs by Character&Co.