Ever dream of a whole sea of bagels?

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Well then, it must have been a premonition that you should be going to Bagel Talk II real soon! This window graphic is going up today so if you’re in the area of Neptune NJ, check it out. (and pick up a dozen hot bagels for me!)

I think you’d agree that Character&Co really can transform your business and make it eye-catching, memorable and full of personality. We work one-on-one with our customers, emailing concepts back and forth until the final design is just perfect.  If you have a business in the area (NY, NJ, eastern PA, or CT) we will come right to your location. Otherwise we are happy to ship anywhere across the country.

Bagel Talk window art by Character&Co.

(the pic below is, obviously, before the makeover)  Send us a picture and let’s talk about what we can do to attract customers to your business.

Bagel Talk windows before Character & Company

Window graphics by Character&Company