We’ve worked for royalty, fyi

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It’s not everyday you get to design for a king

We had the distinct pleasure to work on this project. The building had been an old gas station and the customer had the grand vision to transform it into a castle. We worked with him to conceive a theme that is memorable, eye-catching and full of fun.

On the menu: Royally Awesome Ice Cream, Donuts & Dogs.



location_dairy-castle-bathroom-photoThe King and Queen of SoftServe in their respective private chambers.


castle_concept_sketchInterior concept sketch


castle_queen_burger_wrap_96The Ice Cream Soda Queen gets jiggy with some musical accompaniment by the Burger & Wrap Castle Band.

castle_carriage_princess_monk-dogReally can’t get more adorable than this, can you? A royal procession of Soft Ice Cream Princesses, attended by a loyal Cheeseburger carriage driver and pulled by a Chili Dog steed. A proud flag-bearing Donut leads the group, while the ever humble Hot Dog monk follows happily behind.

castle_donuts_juggler_M_96The court jester Donut entertains the royal Nacho family with his skillful jalapeño juggling.

castle_donuts_wizard_96Meanwhile, the Hot Dog Wizard casts a mischievous spell upon a hapless French Fry.