Sexy chef. Hot wings. Specialty Menu

This is an attention grabbing specialty board to wet the appetite for hot wings etc.

Customization is available of course (different message? different food on platter? less cleavage?). As is, the sign has two layers which together measure 3ft tall by 4ft. long. Price is $675

She would be FABULOUS as a window graphic as well…perhaps with the message:

“Come on in – We have the HOTTEST wings around!” Like so:



Need something to make ‘announcements’, reminders, or specials that is small and super easy to change. This 22″ x 16″ customizable white board is perfect. Makes a thoughtful gift, too, by the way. (click on image. Link will open in a new window)

sexy chef hot buffalo wings customizable white board

She makes the perfect Discount card/Promotional card as well. You can customize all the information on this two-sided marketing card and use it to advertise your hot wings (or other) specials. (click on image. Link will open in new window)


Hot sexy chef with buffalo hot wings





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