How to sell more!

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Make sure your menus work FOR you, not against you

Once a customer is in your business, their first focus of attention will be your menus. If they are hard to read, boring, or just plain ugly, there won’t be much incentive for a potential customer to read them. If they don’t read them, they won’t buy from them.  If they don’t buy from them, your business will…do you get where I’m going with this?

Do yourself a favor and look at your menus from a customer’s perspective.  Are they appealing, even tempting?  Do you need to strain to read them?  Is there just too much crammed into a small space? Do they virtually scream, “low budget, barely makin’ it, cutting corners wherever we can”?

If so, you had better find a way to fit properly designed and high quality menu boards into your budget so that you CAN sell more and give your competition something to worry about!

Custom design menu boards for bagel shop

Custom menu boards by Character & Co.