Character&Co has been in business nearly 30 years and has earned a reputation in the northeast as THE premium custom menu board company in the area. We can literally transform a tired location that’s become invisible into an attention-getting, showstopping business that draws in customers. A long list of very happy customers is proof of that. Our materials are of the highest quality and the care and creativity we put into every single project is obvious.


Everything you need to give your business character!


Custom Menu Boards: Character&Co. menu boards have been proven to increase sales. The menu boards are easy to read and easy to clean and their item prices can be changed when necessary. We work closely with with you every step of the way and coordinate them with your business design/colors/logo.  They include our gorgeous painted artwork, titles, and extra price numbers.

Wall, Window and Vehicle graphics: Character&Co. custom graphics really are in a class of their own. All custom artwork can be made whatever size you need and used  on your walls, hanging from the ceiling, in your windows, on your vehicle, on t-shirts and even billboards.  We even design and create custom wallpaper and murals. (I know, wow!)

Logo Design, and Promotional Merchandise etc: Yes and yes!

Character&Company is quite literally a mom & pop business – two artists with a passion for what we do, and do well. When you call, you will talk directly to us and we’ll give you all the time and one-on-one attention that you need.


A non-refundable deposit will be taken when the order is placed. Custom design begins immediately upon receipt of deposit. Once our one-of-a-kind designs are completed to your specifications and approved for print, work cannot be changed, cancelled, or returned at any time.


Important: It has come to our attention, that some people are copying our work. This is blatant copyright infringement and we will absolutely pursue legal action to protect our effort and designs. In particular, there is a person in NJ that has copied our style and artwork obnoxiously and relentlessly but not with nearly the same quality. Be sure that you are getting authentic Character&Co work and not an attempted dupe.