Menu makeover

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Here is a good example of what can happen

Here is an example of a completed ‘concept-for-approval’ of a recent menu board makeover. Below is what it WAS.  The customer sent us photos of their current menu boards, we re-worked them, and sent them the concept below for appproval. Which do you think will sell more items? We’re installing this job tomorrow and will post pics of the finished job on location. (if the camera guy remembers!)

This menu is printed rather than hand-written. Prices can be changed simply by ordering new price and applying it over the old (like a sticker). The painted food graphics are applied as a dimensional layer and can be changed/moved at will.  You can send us a copy of your menu or a picture of it and, together we you, we’ll work out something spectacular.  We email concepts back and forth so that you know exactly what you’ll receive.  Call today to get your menu makeover started.

new improved pasta menu board

old & tired menu - before