New York makes the best bagels. Period

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…and the bagels from Bagel Basket on the Upper West Side of Manhatten are among the very best!  (not to forget their family heirloom recipe homemade soups, ice cream, pancakes, wraps, quiche etc) If you’re visiting NY, don’t miss your chance to have their awesome authentic Jewish bagels.  The Bagel Basket originated the now famous rainbow bagel, so bring home a dozen or so for the kids.  (bagels freeze perfectly, did you know?)

We’ve just done their windows this week so that it will be a LOT easier to locate the shop.

Window graphics by Character&Co. for Bagel Basket in NY

Bagel Basket window graphics by Character&Co.

Look closely and you’ll notice Character & Company menu boards inside!

And here is what Bagel Basket looked like LAST week.  (easy to miss, wasn’t it?)

bagel basket before the Character&Co. makeover

Update: We just received a very nice note from the owner of the Bagel Basket.

Hi Karin & Frank,

Thank you. The reception to both the inside and outside of the store has been great. We have noticed an increase in certain items that the customers “all of a sudden noticed we had” (even though we have had them for the last 1-2 years). Hoping all is well with the two of you. Please stop by when you are in the area, thanks again.



Windows by Character&Co.