Newest window ‘painting’…

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grandpa pete's bagels in Stroudsburg PA/new window painting by Character&Co.

Grandpa Pete’s Bagels

is the epitome of a small town mom & pop business.They’ve been on Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA  for almost 60 years making bagels (Grandpa Pete) and baked goodies (Grandma Mari) and, more recently, Italian food (Aunt Tuppy).  They’ve recently had new ‘grand opening’ after a temporary close due to a fire and called us to do their windows. We tweaked their existing logo, enlarged it and put it in their windows.

These are custom painted and then printed onto vinyl as pre-pasted ‘stickers’. If you’re in the tri-state area, we’ll come right to your location. The artwork is relatively easy to apply yourself so even if you’re across the country, if you need something to perk up the windows in your business, give us a call today. (610)681-3278

concept sketch below

grandpa pete final store concept sketch

original logo
original Grandpa Pete's Bagels logowindow graphics by