So many ways to use our uniquely charming work! (Frankly, it’s hard to pick)

Windows make a HUGE impact; it’s so important to make that first, grand and memorable impression!

A window of this size would cost (approximately) $1200-$1600. We price according to size. They are $400 per 4ft x 4ft increment. This window is roughly made up of three 4ft wide panels although some of the elements extend higher than 4ft tall.  We ship the art to you in a sturdy tube and you hire a local window sign installer to put them up.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 5.14.07 PM

Your walls deserve attention as well.

A wall piece like this (assuming the size is about 4ft tall by 10ft long) would be approximately $1600. It is mounted onto a sturdy but lightweight 1/8″ plastic that you hang easily hang with either screws or from the ceiling. One major benefit of wall pieces over wallpaper or hand-painted murals is that you can TAKE IT WITH you if needed.


Specialty menu boards are always fun.

As with everything we make, different sizes are available. Most Daily Special menus are either 18″x 24″ ($325)   3’x3′ ($675)


Customizable Breakfast Cup by Character&Co.


Even little, customizable gifts can be made. Add your own text to various mugs and you have a unique and personal gift. (click on image to purchase this cup. Link will open a new page)

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