Party Theme – colorful illustration – ClipArt


Colorful illustration for party theme


Bold, spontaneous and fun-loving party theme illustration.

We have had quite a few requests for our artwork to use in various web/print venues and are happy to announce that we will begin introducing a line of  Character&Co. ClipArt exclusively available here. We think you’ll find our designs far more unique and appealing than much that is available in the clipart market.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘clipart’, it refers to artwork that you purchase for use in your own printing/website etc. Of course, any image that you see offered within our line of Character&Co. ClipArt is also available as large wall/window/vehicle graphics.

Character&Co. ClipArt: perfect for use in

  • logos ( image cannot be copyrighted or trademarked)
  • business cards / branding / marketing
  • web sites / blogs / facebook pages
  • flyers / brochures / posters / menus
  • presentations
  • promotionals/ apparel / products for resale
  • news articles / magazine articles 
  • apps / cd covers / games / movie props
  • screen savers
  • books / e-books

For important legal details, see our Terms of Use

Upon purchase, you will receive a download link via email within 24 hours of payment (usually in FAR less time). NO PRINTED products are sent in the mail. The image quality shown here has been purposely downgraded for faster web use and to protect from copyright infringment. The artwork you receive will not include the Character&Company watermark and the quality (resolution) will be better.

**Be SURE to double check that you type your email address properly or your image will be sent to the wrong recipient.

Choose the largest size that you think you will need as these pictures can be made smaller but cannot be enlarged without a loss of image quality & sharpness.

Not only is our work far more unique than much that is available via ‘standard’ clip art sites, we do not require a membership  AND the Resale License is included.

This means that you ARE permitted to use this image on products for resale for your own profit  –  which is prohibited in much of the clip art market. **You absolutely may NOT resell as clip art or as just an image – but you can use as part of a product such as promotional materials or books etc.

This design available in 72dpi JPG only

(1000px x 273px / 13.88in x 3.79in)


Contact us through our Contact page or our Chat Feature. Let us know which image & size you need. Include your email and phone number. We’ll send you a PAYPAL payment request or contact your for your Credit Card info.