The portfolios below feature just a portion of our work to give you a taste of what we do. Most of our work has been with the food industry but we are certainly not limited to that type of business. We have worked with, and transformed, pet shops, day care centers, hospitals, beauty salons, school cafeterias, medical/dental offices, real estate/contractors and many others.

People sometimes ask us if we can do work that’s ‘not so cutesy’ and more traditional, the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Our whimsical style has been most requested but we most certainly can design according to the your desired theme.


It has come to our attention, that some people are copying our work. This is blatant copyright infringement and we will absolutely pursue legal action to protect our effort and designs. The only artwork with which re-use is permitted by the Purchaser is our custom LOGO design and some of the clearly labelled “clip art” illustrations.

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