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Want to earn money without ANY risk, investment, training? Hand out a referral card and earn 3% on any purchase as a result!

Character&Co. - Share our Referral Card to earn money

 Want to earn money without any risk, investment, training?

Hand out a card, earn a 3% referral fee on any purchase

Example….You’re in your local sandwich shop and notice that their menu boards have seen better days, or that window graphics would really help to attract some customers, or that their empty walls are just desperately boring. Give them this card, encourage them to check out the website. If they make a purchase – you earn. OR, easier still, leave a stack of cards by your own cash register and let customers take them!




The cards will be pre-printed with your name (or self-chosen simple code). When your referral contacts us, we ask how they heard about us. We will contact you when someone has purchased using your code. This is a WIN-WIN situation. You help us find new customers, we help you earn money – easily. You don’t have to make any follow up calls, show pictures, or try to convince anyone, unless that’s your thing.  Just hand them a card and encourage them to check us out.

If interested, click on the image and purchase some referral cards with your name or code printed on them and start handing them out to whoever you think might be interested. Your only ‘investment’ is the price of the cards. (bulk discounts available) BE SURE to email/call us with your info so that we can contact you once your referral contacts us! Then wait for payments.  Purchase of cards is not necessary. 

Typical sales are between $2,500-$3,500 although they sometimes go into the $10,000 range and have been occasionally MUCH higher – such as when we’ve worked for large supermarkets, franchises etc.  So 3% can be a substantial sum for literally 3 seconds of effort.

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