Rupert of Late Night fame!

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We just had an awesome time working with the famous (or infamous?!) Rupert Jee

…known for his many hilarious Late Night with David Letterman fiascos. (youtube him for some great laughs!)  He is now selling exclusive Late Night merchandise at his Hello Deli right next door to the Late Night theatre and asked us to design a changeable ‘menu’ board to showcase them. This is the final product.  (additional merchandise to follow) The product images are movable/removable as they are applied with velcro and the prices can be easily changed using our paint markers.

I thought it would be useful (helpful, enlightening?) to show you some of the other concepts that were done.  The thought process, combined with the approval process that leads to the final design is always kind of interesting.

The boards with a Letterman charicature was our first idea.  (Obviously the ‘Top Ten’ were just temporary attempts at jokes until we knew what Rupert was actually going to offer)

Lettermen didn’t want to see himself and the legal team wouldn’t allow the TopTen list ‘look’ used.   Lawyers…GRRRRR.

Rupert Gee of Late Night with David Letterman fame

rupert_david letterman_sketch

So we moved to a silhouetted  look.

rupert_silluoette_menu board_hello deli

Rats, answer was still No. But then we hit upon one that everyone liked and approved.

late show menu board hello deli rupert

And so goes the path from concept to final product.

custom menu boards by Character&Co.