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Promote your Pet Business!


I’ve compiled a selection of what I consider to be the BEST customizable marketing products perfect to promote your PET business; chosen because they are irresistibly charming, full of personality, unique and eye-catching. You need to set yourself apart from the generic, ho-hum, often poorly designed products out there that only become blurred together with all the other generic, ho-hum products.  To attract customers, you’ll need some high quality flyers, business cards, and perhaps even branded t-shirts that that give your business a professional, competent and likeable vibe. Some of these designs are my own, others are the work of different artists whose work I really admire.

Carry business cards at all times. Hang flyers in pet shops, veterinarian offices, supermarkets, deli, pizzerias, libraries, parks, churches – anywhere that you can find a post-it board. Wear your own branded T-shirt wherever you go and give potential customers a magnet to remember you by. Put a yard sign out in your front yard. Get a bumper sticker, window sticker or large magnet on your car! So many ways to create awareness of your service!


The wording, fonts, colors can be PERSONALIZED according to your taste and need!

You can even upload your own logo.


OPTIONAL:  For a small fee of $5 per item, I’ll save you the hassle doing the customizations on your products. (You may find there is a bit of a learning curve if you’re not familiar on-site editing)

Use the Contact Page and send me a link to the particular product and the wording, phone numbers, email, colors, etc that you would like and I’ll do the CUSTOM PERSONALIZATION for you. Include your phone number! I’ll send you a link to the finished item with your requested changes and then you can order however many you need, whenever you need them with no obligation.


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Snow Removal Business


Okay, so you love dogs and have a special gift dealing with them. You’ve decided to go into the Dog Grooming business for yourself. You’ve gotten your training, licensing, legalities, equipment and location in order. You’re almost there. ALL YOU NEED NOW is an eye-catching and unique set of marketing materials draw attention, to make you memorable and to help build a strong and growing customer base. Promotional merchandise like flyers, business cards, T-shirts etc can help establish your business identity quickly and easily. Some of these I’ve created myself and some are designs that I consider especially well designed and worth considering.



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Junk Removal / Hauling / Moving Business


A Doggie Day Care business can be very profitable and is a service in great demand. People need a safe, clean, trustworthy person to care for their beloved pets while they go to work or on vacation. What a wonderful way to be your own boss, work from home or from a facility, and earn a lucrative income doing what you love.

I’ve designed and compiled a selection of really unique dog related advertising flyers, business cards, T shirts, hats, bumper stickers, magnets and more that are perfectly suited for your own Doggy Day Care / Pet Sitting Business.  They are ready to be customized and purchased immediately. Each has been chosen for their unique charm and professional design.

Should you need help with the customization, please see the insert above in bold text.


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