So, how does this all work?


Here are the  steps from Beginning-to-End


1. Call or email us  Please include your phone number in all correspondence.  Plan for the process to take between 4-6 weeks + or – from first deposit to delivery..

2. Send us your menu, measurements, some photos of your location. A non-refundable deposit is required to begin the design process and then the final balance will be due upon completion/delivery. We work together with you all the way and you will receive emailed concepts for approval. Custom sizing is available.  When the concepts and content are perfected, we require an email from you confirming that you have approved that the menus are READY FOR PRINT.

Our menu board package includes:

  • Custom designing to coordinate with and enhance  your business
  • Production of menus
  • Layered artwork
  • Custom painting of menu items if needed (additional charge)
  • Layered titles
  • Extra numbers for price changes

Price changes are easily done. We supply additional numbers with your menus to change prices as needed. (apply like stickers) If menu items need to be changed, just call us and we’ll have them made up for you.

When placing in extreme heat/bright sun of hotter climates,  menu boards may require you to secure it to a more solid backing fto prevent bowing.

Need frequent changes? We have several ways of handling menus that require the ability for quick adjustments. See HERE

3. Just before we ship, we’ll send you photos as the components are packed; then weigh the crate and charge the final balance + s/h. The titles and artwork are separate layers for added dimension.  You apply them either Velcro or small nails.  The menu boards are suitable for hanging from the ceiling or directly to the wall, depending on your need.

Optional hardware to hang from ceiling is an additional $25 per board. We recommend that menu boards that are to be used outdoors in direct sunlight, be made on a thicker substrate than we normally use to prevent warping in direct sun. There is an additional up-charge for boards on a thicker substrate.

The process for window & wall graphics is basically the same….photos, measurements, deposit, design, adjustments, shipping.

Followed, at last, by receiving a large box from the FedEx man.

mb_delivery-process_board-2We’ll send you photos of your menu boards as we pack them.

MB_delivery-process_itemsAlong with the titles and artwork that you will apply on site with either small nails or Velcro.

MB_delivery-process_numbersYou will also receive lots of extra price numbers for eventual changes that need to be made. Easy – cut out and apply like a sticker.

mb_delivery-process_chainOptional hardware to hang menus from ceiling. Custom-cut metal support bar not shown.

Hardware is an additional $25 per board.

MB_delivery-process_crateA quality custom built wooden crate is built to protect your menu boards in transit.


It has come to our attention, that some people are copying our work. This is blatant copyright infringement and we will absolutely pursue legal action to protect our effort and designs. The only artwork and/or designs with which re-use is permitted by the Purchaser is our custom LOGO design and some of the clearly labelled “clip art” illustrations.

A non-refundable deposit will be taken when the order is placed.  Since nearly all of our work is CUSTOM DESIGNED there is a NO REFUND policy.