Start a Dog Walking Business

Do you know someone that is looking to earn extra money by dog walking?

I used to do this professionally and remember those years fondly. It’s a great job for someone that enjoys animals, being outside, getting lots of exercise AND earning money doing it.

These super adorable, irresistibly cute CUSTOMIZABLE advertising products are an absolutely perfect way to get yourself recognized and remembered. To find customers, you’ll need some flyers, business cards, and perhaps even branded t-shirts  or a hat to set yourself apart. Some of these designs are my own, others are the work of different artists whose work I really admire. I’ve compiled my favorites here.

Hang the flyers in pet shops, veterinarian offices, supermarkets, deli, pizzerias, libraries, parks, churches – anywhere that you can find a post it board. Many of the designs are “Tear Sheet” Flyers. You are meant to cut between the numbers so that people can just tear off the contact info and call you at their convenience. Put a sign out in your customer’s front yard as you take their dog out so that the neighbors are aware and can contact you easily. I’ve also included several books that really go into detail and help you to get set up properly with info that you might not even have thought about.

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