Custom storefront window graphics for Bagel Business by Character&Co.

Wouldn’t it great if you had a way to attract attention to your business that made people say “WOW, let’s go THERE!” 

Your business COULD be an attention getting show-stopper!

Imagine your business attracting so much attention looking that people to could not help but slow take notice. Imagine it being so cool that people actually stopped to TAKE PICTURES for social media. Imagine how much that would help your business!

If you have storefront windows, you have HUGE untapped potential.

Don’t waste your potential

Every Character&Co. window graphic is designed to make a bold statement that will insure that your business gets noticed and draws customers in.

Character&Co window graphics are custom painted then printed onto top of the line, richly full colored, UV protected vinyl that will not fade and is durable in all climates.

We work with ANY type of business.

We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years. In that time, we’ve worked with people all over the country and with ANY SORT OF BUSINESS. From large franchise supermarkets to small mom & pops; pizzerias to pet shops; coffee shop to concession stands; delis to day care, bagels to beauty salons.


  • Attracts customers to your business and inspires photos & buzz
  • Proven to increase the visibility of your business
  • Turns your business into a one-of-a-kind showstopper
  • High quality. Long lasting. UV Protected. 

Good evening,

I know it’s been some time but business has been tremendous. 

I can’t tell you how many people have taken pictures in front of our window! People always ask about the graphics.
Best decision I made was to purchase your characters.

But honestly I knew I had to have them.

Marathon Bagels

Don’t let your business be invisible and fade into the background.

Sure, you can fill your windows with gaudy sales posters, cheap flyers, and lost dog notifications if you prefer. Or you can leave them empty if you’re into a minimalist,  nondescript look. But with either of those options, you will be ignored. 

Whether you are looking for something spunky and cute; dramatic and hip; elegant and upscale, we will happily work with you to custom design artwork that will absolutely knock people over and set your business apart.

We are not a large company with mass produced items. Every project we take on is custom made and one- of-a-kind. Therefore, we schedule a limited amount of new clients each year. Do not delay in contacting us or you may miss the opportunity to work with us.

Custom window graphics for Vietnamese Pho restaurant
Custom painted vinyl window graphic for Seattle area Vietnamese Restaurant
Custom painted vinyl window graphics for Coffee Shop