You are LOSING MONEY every single day with those boring, hard-to-read menu boards.

Let’s change that.

These are typical menu boards….is it any wonder why the businesses struggle?

It’s crazy how common it is for business owners to invest many thousands of dollars and countless hours into their business and then cheap out on their menu board system. It’s like making a 4-course gourmet meal and tossing it in a blender just before serving. What a waste of effort.

There are MORE custom menu boards to see. We’ve been very busy.
Custom Menu Boards for Deli
Custom Menu Board for Seafood Restaurant by Character Co
Bagel Shop Menu Boards by Character & Co.
Custom menu board for Popcorn Booth.
Custom Menu Board for Bob's Beans - Nitrofusions!
Custom menu boards for bagel shop
Custom menu board for GRILL
Cute bagel eating sandwich - custom menu board
Custom Chalk Board Style Menu Board for Deli
Custom Menu Board for Florida Pizzeria

Character&Co menu boards get much more attention than digital menus – with none of the technical problems.

Plus, they add far more personality than digital menu boards (which generally end up being  ignored, not to mention the technical problems). We’ve even had customers swap out their ‘new, modern’ corporate style digital menus in favor of our custom, handcrafted ones.