How to make your business stand out from the competition

Just imagine

  • Having a SUPER UNIQUE and CHARMING custom sidewalk sign that attracts attention and draws customers into your business…
  • Watching people stop in their tracks to take a picture of your sidewalk character sign, and spreading it all over social media…
  • Having a unique sign to promote your business, your daily specials, and your upcoming events that is eye-catching and memorable…
  • People coming into your business with a smile…
Funny Jewish Grandma Sidewalk Character Sign
Vintage ice cream sidewalk sign
Jolly Baker fresh baked breads sidewalk character
Funny Italian Grandmother with tray of food. Sidewalk sign
Triple ice cream cone sidewalk character sign
Giant happy submarine sandwich sign
Italian Grandma Sidewalk Character Daily Special Sign
Flavorburst Ice Cream Cone Character
Cheerful Italian chef sidewalk sign character
Adorable tomato sidewalk character sign
painted italian ice sidewalk character
Painted sidewalk character of deli owner
Three happy bagels sidewalk character sign
Italian pizza chef painted sidewalk character sign
Hayeks Market Ice Cream sidewalk sign
charming bagel character daily special menu board
Happy lifesize hotdog sidewalk character
custom sidewalk character of pizzeria owner
Painted fresh fruit popsicle sidewalk character sign
Custom painted business mascot sidewalk sign

Our story.

It was the 80’s. We were kids in our early twenties. Our dream was to open a country store selling crafts and hand-painted furniture that we built and painted ourselves. We rented a location;  we cleaned and painted and wallpapered. We etched a stunning barn wood wall; made our own stain glass window; stenciled the tile floor. Then we worked day and night filling the place with adorable crafts and trompeloiil hutches, trunks and armoires. It was quite stunning.

But the location was horrible. It was at the very end of a dead end street. It had virtually no parking. And there was an abandoned train station across the street. Apparently the rent was dirt cheap for a reason. No one knew we were there and no one came.

Our money was just about gone and our hopes were following close behind.

Then we had an idea. We designed and painted a larger than life old-fashioned vintage Santa cutout on wood. He held a giant star with an arrow and we put him at the corner of the street pointing down toward our little shop. Suddenly it seemed the entire town knew about us and were curious to come see what our shop had to offer. 

 The results were incredible.

That Santa Claus sidewalk sign revolutionized our lives. Other local businesses wanted sidewalk characters for their own business. The demand grew quickly.  We eventually transitioned from a country store to painting large sidewalk character signs. We saw the success that our unique, witty and charming characters had in stopping  people in their tracks and drawing them into businesses. The standup characters were a huge hit and Character&Co was born.

Sure, there are cheaper options

You could put a generic A-frame off eBay on the sidewalk. You could buy a chalk board from the hobby store. Do you think they will get much attention? Do you think it will do much for your sales? Will that boring sign be spread on social media?

Umm, no.

Character&Co sidewalk are completely unique. You won’t find anything that compares in charm or in quality. Anywhere. And they WILL get attention, increase your sales, and be spread on social media.

Take a look through the photo gallery at some examples of our work. We think you will agree that you’ve never seen anything quite like them ever before

Our sidewalk characters are proven attention-getters.

They draw people into your business.  They add big personality. They make your business unique and interesting. You won’t blend in and be invisible anymore.

Not just for daily specials!

  • Food Festivals
  • Catered Events
  • Sign Rental Business
  • Fairs – Carnivals
  • Food Truck Menu
  • Lobby Announcements
  • Point of Purchase Display
  • Holiday Decoration
  • Grand Openings
  • Game Rooms
  • Convention Schedule/Directional 
  • Team  or Business Mascot
  • Parties / Special Events
  • Baby Announcement
  • Wedding Message Board

We can custom paint a one of a kind sign for any sort of business.

Much of our work has been with food businesses, but we are not limited to that niche. If you have a beauty salon, dance studio, real estate office, animal hospital, tattoo business ETC we would be happy to help you. Anything is possible.

You know that your business is competing for customers. Businesses that don’t compete, will fail. Don’t you think a multi-purpose sign that looks great, adds memorable personality, grabs attention AND advertises your brand and products is a great opportunity?

We are not a large company with mass produced items. Every project we take on is custom made and one- of-a-kind. Therefore, we schedule a limited amount of new clients each year. Do not delay in contacting us or you may miss the opportunity to work with us.