Classic American Meals

Fried Chicken Dinner [wp_cart_button name=”Fried Chicken Dinner” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Baked Potato [wp_cart_button name=”Baked Potato” price=”26.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

BBQ Ribs Dinner [wp_cart_button name=”BBQ Ribs Dinner” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Bowl of Clams [wp_cart_button name=”Bowl of Clams” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Mashed Potatoes [wp_cart_button name=”Mashed Potatoes” price=”26.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Eggs and Bacon Platter [wp_cart_button name=”Eggs and Bacon Platter” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Roast Turkey [wp_cart_button name=”Roast Turkey” price=”38.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Shepherd’s-Pie [wp_cart_button name=”Shepherd’s-Pie” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Shish Kebab [wp_cart_button name=”Shish Kebab” price=”26.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Stuffed Clams [wp_cart_button name=”Stuffed Clams” price=”26.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Steak Dinner Broccoli [wp_cart_button name=”Steak Dinner Broccoli” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Shrimp and Fries BasketShrimp and Fries Basket [wp_cart_button name=”Shrimp and Fries Basket” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Turkey Dinner [wp_cart_button name=”Turkey Dinner” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Buffalo Hot Wings Platter [wp_cart_button name=”Buffalo Hot Wings Platter” price=”28.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Fries and Nuggets [wp_cart_button name=”Fries and Nuggets” price=”26.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Hot Buffalo Wings Cast Iron [wp_cart_button name=”Hot Buffalo Wings Cast Iron” price=“32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Caribbean Chicken Rice Beans Platter [wp_cart_button name=”Caribbean Chicken Rice Beans Platter” price=”28.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Chicken Fajita Platter [wp_cart_button name=”Chicken Fajita Platter” price=”28.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Stuffed Cabbage [wp_cart_button name=”Stuffed Cabbage” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Fried Chicken Nuggets Platter [wp_cart_button name=”Fried Chicken Nuggets Platter” price=”26.99″ shipping=”1.0″]

Salmon Dinner [wp_cart_button name=”Salmon Dinner” price=”32.99″ shipping=”1.0″]